Description of the game Hell Let Loose

Hell lot loose is developed on the engine of Unreal Engine 4. A small and independent team of the game Hell Let Loose pays great attention to the joint game and communication, players will be given roles as in real platoons under the command of officers and the top leadership. With the help of historically accurate weapons, logistics, armor and tactics Hell Let Loose is a game that will require you to work together and communicate not only for victory, but for survival.

The game has very large maps, an average of 4 km square. During the battle, the territory of the map is divided into large areas allowing to appear in each of them. It has a gameplay that creates two forces of fifty players in a battle to death in the fields, bridges, forests and cities. The first place in this theater of war is the sleepy Norman city of Saint-Marie-du-Mon on the Day of 1944 in the north of France during Operation Overlord. It has an amazing and detailed battlefield 1: 1, recreated from archival reference materials and satellite photography.

The game will begin with the fact that the players are organized and gather behind the fronts, before carefully moving into the French village to the city. They will need to create supply lines using logistic vehicles, which will allow them to build garrisons and other places of occurrence in the field.

Armored vehicles and infantry must work together to break through the front line and seize the territory – to repel the enemy and to earn more resources in order to maintain their combat power.

Engineers will clean up minefields and barbed wire to create penetration points. The wrecked alleys become killing areas, while dense forests can mask the presence of the devastating PAK-43 towed to the expected unit of the Wehrmacht infantry. Allied infantry call in tram tracks, when hedges light up by the fire of Panther tanks and the shout of “Hitler’s Saws” – MG42.

The battlefield is laid out – ready to be mastered by soldiers with the skill and strategic ability to wipe the enemy off the field.

We plan to release Hell Let Loose on Steam in the second quarter of 2018 .

Game Trailer:

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