Hell let loose FAQ

Will you censor Nazi imagery?

Only in territories where the law states that we must. It is our goal to make an historically accurate game. As such, we will strive to capture the camo schemes, equipment, uniforms and weapons of each of the Wehrmacht and SS formations. We will be releasing a DLC that contains uncensored imagery for all appropriate territories.


At present, Hell Let Loose will retail for USD $29.95 when released on Steam Early Access.

Dedicated Servers 

Peer-to-peer servers, sluggish netcode and poor server region choice are more fatal than any rifle, grenade or tank round. We’re working with communities around the world to host region-based dedicated servers to ensure low ping and a smooth playing environment.


We aim to capture the horror of war with the expected damage of modern combat on the human body – including dismemberment, immolation and bullet hits.


In a realistic game with minimal HUD, it’s important that players are confident the fighting is fair. We are currently deciding on one of several anti-cheat platforms to integrate into the game before Early Access release.

Why Kickstarter? 

Until now we’ve worked on the title as a hobby – fuelled only by passion. However, we know that to release Hell Let Loose as a polished final product and within reasonable time we need to ask you, our backers, to help us raise the necessary funds. Our minimum goal (USD $100,000) will allow us to finish the game to full feature-rich quality (as opposed to an Alpha or Beta).

Our Stretch Goals are designed to speed up the development time of planned features that we feel will make a real difference to the player experience. It will also allow us to drastically widen the player experience with some incredible additional features and maps.

We have outlined the approximate breakdown of budget allocation for the base funding goal:

  • 60% Development
  • 15% Administration and Testing Costs (Servers, License Costs, QA)
  • 12.5% Anti-Cheat Support
  • 10% Taxes
  • 2.5% Kickstarter Fee

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