M1 Carbine in the game Hell Let Loose

The carbine M1 added in the game Hell Let Loose.

What would you prefer Thompson’s shock force or M1 carbine accuracy?

Smaller and easier than the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine was most often given to infantry officers, paratroopers, sergeants. And other soldiers who found it cumbersome to use a full-sized rifle as their main weapon.

A rifle with 15 or 30 cartridge magazines will be a weighty argument on the battlefield for any soldier regardless of rank and situation in battle.

Historical information:

M1 Carbine (full name – US Carbine, Caliber .30, M1) – American light self-loading carbine of the Second World War.

In the domestic literature, the M1 Carbine is sometimes mistakenly called “baby Garand” or “Garadin carbine”. But in American sources such names are not found.

In 1938, the US Army first thought about the need to re-equip soldiers of the so-called “second line” (infantry fighting crews, gun crews and other soldiers who do not have a “full” rifle in the infantry) from self-loading pistols to light carbines . The reason for this was the greater efficiency of the carbines, the lower costs of training soldiers for effective use of them (in comparison with pistols), and, at the same time, rather small mass-dimensional characteristics. Similar ideas are consonant with the modern concept of PDW (“personal weapons of self-defense of military personnel”).

M1 Carbine
The outfit of a soldier of those times, an integral part is the M1 Carbine

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