M43 hand grenade in the game Hell Let Loose

Stielhandgranate M43 – German fragmentation, anti-personnel, offensive hand grenade.

Work on the introduction of grenades into the game is already underway. We will also make grenades with caps of a different color. There will be a grenade with a red cap, tobish with a zero second fuse. There will also be grenades for strings, as well as smoke grenades for movement under the cover.

Technical part:

The pomegranate was 624 grams in weight, consisted of a tree handle, and also from a barrel that was made from thin metal with an aged wheel of TNT. The entire handle of the leg was 35.6 cm long. Due to the simplification of production, the rod was no longer hollow, and the breaking cord was attached directly to the barrel. As a result, the top can also be thrown without a handle. The grenade exploded after a delay of 4.4 seconds after detachment of the tear-off cord. 


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