The Belgian gate in the game Hell Let Loose

The Belgian gate was a common trap for protection against mechanical weapons during the war. Stretching three meters in width and two meters in height. Only a few of these huge metal gates were needed to completely block the road.

In Hell Let Loose playing for a German engineer you can build them for the price of supplies. Skillful placement will cause enemy vehicles to be thrown around the field, ditches or completely stop them, leaving them vulnerable to mines, firearms and close infantry.



Historical data:

Each individual element of the fence weighed about 1280 kg, but was mobile (for example, with two horses) using two fixed and one rotating roller. His invention is attributed to the French colonel Leon-Edmond de Coentet de Filline (1870-1948, later became a general), who came up with this idea in 1933 during the preparation for World War II, which will be used in the Maginot Line. In addition to using them as barricades at entrances to forts, bridges and roads, heavy fences are best known for their use on the Belgian iron wall of the KW line and their reuse as beach obstacles on Atlantikvaule.

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