The tooth dragon in the game Hell Let Loose

Playing for a German engineer you will be able to deploy ready-made ranks of “Dragon’s teeth” as a way to slow the progress of the enemy. The cost of their construction is quite expensive, so you need to make sure that they are deployed only in critical locations.

These rows of concrete pyramids formed the core of any fortified line during the Second World War. Designed to arm and mechanize infantry in prepared bottlenecks, Dragon’s teeth required considerable preparation to make them possible in combat.

Photo of the dragon's teeth line
The dragon’s teeth line

Historical information:

Dragon Teeth – are square-pyramidal reinforced concrete reinforcements.It first used during the Second World War, to impede the movement of tanks and mechanized infantry. The idea was to slow down and direct the tanks to the kill zones. Where they could easily be destroyed by anti-tank weapons.

They were widely used, especially on the Siegfried line.

In practice, the use of combat engineers and specialized machines for demining allowed them to be treated relatively quickly. And they were much less an obstacle than many expected. Obstacles can also simply be buried with the help of bulldozers and dump trucks.

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